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Renting an Air Conditioner has never been easier than with Brawn Bros.

Our AC units are efficient, modern, and affordable. They also come with FREE installation and FREE maintenance all year round. We are committed to keeping our clients comfortable and worry-free providing home cooling solutions without the hassle. Our professional technicians are trained and licensed to ensure our customers get the highest quality service and are in good hands. Installing a new AC rental not only keeps your home and family comfortable but can save you money too!


When you rent one of our AC units, you can enjoy the following benefits:

AC Rental Benefits Image

  • Free in-home consultation
  • No hidden fees, no money down
  • Free installation of the AC unit and removal of old AC unit
  • Worry-free installation by our professional installers
AC Rental Financing Benefits Image

  • Completely confidential and personal experience
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Free maintenance services for the unit
  • Free unit replacement if the AC system cannot be repaired
AC Rental Green and Environmental Benefits Page

  • Cut cooling costs by as much as 45% every month to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint
  • A balanced indoor air distribution with our modern AC units
  • Save money with renting over buying

Buying an AC unit often requires upfront, expensive payments, a long-term maintenance plan and additional warranties. When you rent our units, you are not required to pay for any of this. Brawn Bros technicians can choose the right AC unit for your home. After completing a thorough in-home consultation, we are going to determine the right sizing and location for the AC unit. Most modern AC units are far more compact and light to fit in more easily in most homes and not take up as much space. Bigger is not necessarily better, especially when it comes to heating and cooling solutions.

Worry-Free Rental Programs

NO money down. FREE Installation. FREE Repairs, Parts and Labour.

Renting has it advantages. For one low-monthly cost, renting means you finally get that brandnew high-efficient heating & cooling unit. Call Brawn Bros. for more information today.