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Free Service and Maintenance with Brawn Bros. Premium Comfort Porgram

At Brawn Bros, we are committed to ensuring our clients receive reliable
heating and cooling solutions 24/7/365.


We’ve got the solution: From dependable and quick heating and cooling equipment installations with zero money upfront, to free repairs and service calls. Affordable, high-efficient equipment, our technicians are available for you 24/7/365 to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently, all-year-round. Brawn Bros. can help give you peace-of-mind knowing your heating and cooling equipment solutions are in tip-top condition, for when you need it most.

FREE FURNACE Rental, Service, & Maintenance


Rental, Service, & Maintenance

Our furnace rentals come with free general installation and our Brawn Bros furnace experts even dispose of your old furnace unit for you. We are committed to ensuring quick and effortless service with zero upfront costs or hassle.

FREE AIR CONDITIONING Rental, Service, & Maintenance


Rental, Service, & Maintenance

With Brawn Bros you will get free cooling services and maintenance(24/7/365!) to identify or prevent problems with your system. We offer clients peace-of-mind by handling any malfunctions, breakdowns, or operating issues on Brawn Bros air conditioner rental units. Completely free of charge, we inspect the temperature and airflow, test the evaporator coil, and clean the unit condenser motor and compressor.

FREE WATER HEATER Rental, Service, & Maintenance


Rental, Service, & Maintenance

We are committed to all your water heater installation, repairs and maintenance needs. Our professional heating and cooling experts are licensed and insured with years of experience to diagnose water heater issues and implement the necessary repairs. We are there for you when service or maintenance is required on your Brawn Bros water heater unit, at no additional cost.

Worry-Free Rental Programs

NO money down. FREE Installation. FREE Repairs, Parts and Labour.

Renting has it advantages. For one low-monthly cost, renting means you finally get that brand new high-efficient heating & cooling unit. Call Brawn Bros. for more information today.

Our Team of Experts

Brawn Bros. ensures quality workmanship – we employ only experienced, licensed and insured HVAC technicians in Canada. 

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