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Are you looking for a new furnace but do not want to pay for all the upfront costs and repairs that may be associated?

Then renting a furnace from Brawn Bros is a good option for you!

Brawn Bros furnace rental offers easy and affordable heating solutions without the hassle and cost of buying equipment upfront. Upgrading your home’s heating has never been easier with zero upfront costs, and affordable and transparent monthly payments. We offer full-service furnace rental programs in Regina, Saskatoon and across the Greater Toronto Area to ensure the best heating solution for your home.


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Our furnace rentals come with free general installation and our Brawn Bro furnace experts even dispose of your old furnace unit for you. We are committed to ensuring quick and effortless service with zero upfront costs or hassle.

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Have peace of mind with our full-coverage furnace protection plan when you rent from us. You don’t have to worry about expensive repairs if anything happens to your unit; Brawn Bros has you covered! We offer free 24/7/365 maintenance to ensure your furnace is operating efficiently.

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One of our Brawn Bros furnace specialists is going to complete a thorough home assessment to determine the right furnace for your home. This is often based on the age and overall size of your home, number of windows, ceiling height, insulation and how effective the existing furnace is.

Brawn Bros’ licensed, professional, and insured furnace installers guarantee an efficient, effective, and reliable installation. It is our top priority to meet the needs and comfort of your home. You can have peace of mind knowing that Brawn Bros has your best interest in mind and is going to be there when you most need us. Our furnace rental process is hassle-free, and you can be confident knowing you have made an affordable, practical, and reliable investment.

Worry-Free Rental Programs

NO money down. FREE Installation. FREE Repairs, Parts and Labour.

Renting has it advantages. For one low-monthly cost, renting means you finally get that brandnew high-efficient heating & cooling unit. Call Brawn Bros. for more information today.