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Green Guardians Program

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Green Guardians Program

Here at Brawn Bros. we like to keep things simple, so we focus our business on what counts the most:
Savings, Service, & Peace-of-Mind for Canadian homeowners, while helping to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Together, as a member of the Green Guardians Program, we’re helping with the preservation of our precious earth.

With a purchase of a Green Guardian approved bundle you’ll receive a free Ecobee Smart Thermostat and up to $650 in cash!


With the Ecobee Smart Thermostat you’ll SAVE UP TO 23% on your heating & cooling costs.

ENERGY STAR® approved. Certified to meet the highest standards of home comfort and energy conservation.

Control from anywhere. Adjust the temperature and turn on vacation mode anytime, anywhere on iOS and Android.

Going Green has never been so easy!

litres of water each year*

on your annual utility bill*

tons of CO2 saved per year*

*The amount of water and energy used and saved varies depending on the type of products installed and a household family of 4. Calculations are based on several factors, including: method of water heating, cost of natural gas or electricity; baseline flow rate of 9.5 L/min for showerheads and 8.3 L/min for aerators; shower duration of 8 min per person per day, water temperature at the intake of the water heater: 12°C, and tap water temperature: 40°C. Sourced from

Reduce your carbon footprint with high-efficiency Heating & Cooling equipment.