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    Customizable Windows

    We have a wide selection of customizable features and can help you select your perfect match.

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      Glass and Energy Performance

      Tankless Water Heater Zero Upfront Cost


      U-factor measures the rate of heatloss. The lower the U-factor, the greater the resistance to heat-flow and the better its insulating properties.

      FULL-COVERAGE PROTECTION Tankless Water Heater


      Windows can also be measured in relation to climate zones to determine minimum performance levels required in different regions of Canada. There are three zones, and the lower the zone, the warmer the climate. Brawn Bros. proudly produces windows that meet the performance requirements of all 3 zones, covering all Canadian provinces and territories.

      THOROUGH HOME ASSESSMENT Tankless Water Heater


      ENERGY STAR qualified windows are manufactured by an ENERGY STAR partner, are independently tested, certified, and verified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and have NFRC ratings that meet strict energy efficiency guidelines. Brawn Bros. Windows& Doors is proud to offer ENERGY STAR and NFRC qualified products.

      Our Team of Experts

      Brawn Bros. ensures quality workmanship – we employ only experienced, licensed and insured HVAC technicians.